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The Golden Son
by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

I really liked this book about Ahnil, an Indian doctor practicing in the Unites States. This story jumps between his family who are still in India, the culture and traditions and Ahnil who is now in America and how he wrestles with the differences between his families expectations and practicing medicine (his dream) in a different part of the world. A big theme of this book relates to morals, integrity and decision making, what is right and wrong and how there is often a gray area in between. I loved the writing, especially the vivid descriptions of life in India and I also liked the narration on the audio book. I liked the story line of Leena, a girl from his childhood. Without giving too much away, I will say that I was happy with the culmination of this story - it was unpredictable, which is exactly how I like books to go. This book is a 4.5 star book and I would definitely recommend it!

The Indian In The Cupboard
by Lynne Reid Banks

I like the Indian in the Cupboard because I like magical things.

To Kill A Mockingbird
by Harper Lee

It had a lot of good ideas and values to learn from the book and it also gave me a different view to someone else's life.

Lodestar Keeper Of The Lost Cities
by Shanon Messenger

It was not as good as some of the others but there were so many plot twists to go along with if to keep it exciting.

Everblaze Keeper Of The Lost Cities Book 3
by Shanon Messenger

I could not stop reading this book. It was so good.

The Splendid And The Vile By Erik Larson
by Erik Larson

Gripping- a constant reminder for me to revisit history and remember there is so much i haven't heard before. Covers the first year of Churchill’s prime ministry. Follow the brutal attacks on England via memoir and diary entries. A fresh take on an old subject.

Here We Are Notes For Living On Planet Earth
by Oliver Jeffers

Well written and explained for the youngest of readers!

Miss Blake Is A Flake
by Dan Gutman My Weird School Series

Great book! A.J. and his class signed up for the beaver scout camp. It was kind of scary when a bear tried to attack them and the coach fainted.

Izzy Barr Running Star
by Claudia Mills

I loved the book it was so good. Everybody should that book and the series. Hope you like it. Goodbye. Read it. pls you will love it so much. read it.

The Incredibly Dead Pets Of Rex Dexter
by Aaron Reynolds

It was very fun creative and funny. I thought it was amazing.
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